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Useful Audio Engineering Terms or Recording Terms.

Hello audio masters and beginners,
I hope you had a great week, and I wish it will get even better.

these series of articles that I am about to publish, will deal with terms that are used often in the music world, and give them an easy to understand definitions, so you can use them whenever you need to communicate clearer when you are working with other musicians or technicians whom you just meet.

another HUGE advantage of these terms definitions is that you can look at the list of terms, and recognize immediately which subjects you need to strengthen your knowledge, this is of course besides the fact that you are sharpening your musical vocabulary.

for example :
if you look at the list and see the “haas effect” term, and you don’t know what it means or where it got from, reading about this term in google or everywhere else can grow your knowledge and better if you now know what is the haas effect it is now time to find ways to use it in more creative ways to leverage your production to the next level. (more…)