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EQ is one of the most most dangerous processes because you can go very very wrong if your ears don’t make the right decisions,
in order for the ears to make the right decision is to stay fresh, the longer your ears can stay fresh the better.

in order to keep them fresh there are some things you should pay attention to:


before you watch the video, read this :

in this video you will see some of the few applications of compressors and envelope shaper. (more…)

Stereo width is what the suggest, it means how wide your stereo image is.

the wider the stereo image the more you will feel that the music comes from the sides and cover your head/ears and the instruments more separated between the speakers.

this doesn’t mean : the wider the better.

because the wider the stereo image is, the more holes there will be in the mix, and with too much separation the instruments will sound that they don’t belong together/they won’t mix.

so this means :

before I’m uploading the new video,

I wanted to talk a little bit about compression, because the new video will involve compression.

compression is a hard subject, amazingly enough some people says it is not,

why am I saying it is hard ? (more…)

in this video tutorial I am going to show the basic concept on mixing, for the totally beginner,
for people who have never mixed before, or have been struggling to understand the essential steps.


Some thoughts about a mix…

Posted: January 4, 2011 in General, Mixing

it is always beautiful to see how different people approaching differently to start a mix,

although it is so different there are some concepts that repeat themselves over the years,

whether it is using certain tools to achieve a specific goal, or just preparing, and taking breaks for the ears to relax during the mixing process.

this is not a mixing tutorial, mixing tutorial will be here soon, for now this is just a way to be ready to mix and to know what to expect.

so when the mix start ? (more…)