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Posted: April 5, 2012 in General
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it is a great time, for a quality post.

I decided to collect FREE & HIGH QUALITY links to a one Musical Education resource, I must say that I am checking those links carefully to make sure that MUSIC-DM readers are exposed to HIGH QUALITY and of course FREE material.

in this opportunity I should say that I am sorry if I don’t see all the links out there or if I forgot someone.
this list of links will grow with time, when I see something worth recommending, I will put the new link in this list so you all can enjoy it.
if you have any suggestions of anything that you think should be in that list and that everybody here can benefit of, you are more than welcome to submit it, and I will add it to the list.

Education Resources :

1. Principles of Orchestration On-line
2. Tarekith’s Guide to Song Arranging
3. Creating Transitions & Fills
4. about specific subjects in music (theory mostly) – I think there is a plugin needed to be installed to view the pages fully.
5. An Introduction To 3D MixingPanoramaEqualizationCompressionCreative RoutingDepth.

a lot of talented great people out there put some precious videos on you tube that I would advise you to watch, here are some of them :

1. Creating Realistic Strings (from MIDI)
2. Midi Tips: Arpeggios Made Easy

Sample libraries :


Great forums to join :

1. kvraudio
2. gearslutz
3. homerecording

Don’t forget to love what you do and do what you love… – MUSIC-DM


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