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Posted: March 11, 2011 in General
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Inspiration for me is a very valuable energy,

I try not to lean on inspiration alone, I also use knowledge and patterns sometimes, but when inspiration knocks on my door I will always open the door and welcome it,

this energy or feeling of being inspired is the first thing I fell in love with when I started making music,

people who can keep that enjoyment in making music are most likely to discover deeper secrets inside the music.

not everything in is so easy, sometime we have to know ourselves better to find ways to invite inspiration when we are not in the mood,

I used to fight writers block by writing and writing and writing, it was like fighting myself, I only injured myself by doing that,

because I only found out that I can write even if I don’t want to,  and I could learn that using easier ways, like expanding my knowledge by reading or watching or open my mind

in other ways which I will write about soon in this article.

I even had times when I decided to stop making music, thank god I didn’t, thank god for making me so in love with this subject called MUSIC.


when something feels like a burden it most likely won’t live forever,

most of the things that lives forever are those which we don’t invest so much energy to keep them alive.


for me making music is enjoying, not investing energy, I don’t get mad (most of the time) when I am making music and so I don’t let the creation to squeeze all my energy.


I talked about this because sometimes we loose our intentions and focus,

there are some people that makes music for fun, for relief, for relaxation, and without paying attention, after couple of years, they make music for money, fame, some young people

even make music to impress girls.

everybody have his own reason for making music, and making music for profit is perfectly fine, even for fame and girls,

but all I am saying is that I make music for those pleasant moments when I feel inspired, and passionate, and excited from the creation process.


on my way I found that there are ways to inspire myself and to invite some ideas into my head,

and the other ways I found were ways of others who I have met and speak with on my road of music creation.

everyone have its own way, try to find out what makes inspiration knock your door.


one way I use to inspire myself is to find places I never been in,

new places always been something that makes my eyes impressed, new people also, a lot of inspiration got into my head when I found an interesting person,

being in other studios, people I meet in my work, on the street, anything new can inspire me, and most of m students agree it helps them too, most of the time.

youtube, facebook, myspace, yahoo, twitter and so on… are all nice places on the internet to find inspiration, use those tools if you can’t get out of your studio/house right now.


knowledge is a great places to draw ideas, like piano books, or music theory books, news papers, internet, everything that gives you new information is a great place to find new ideas,

I like reading books that don’t relate music, because it makes my mind work a little to find the connection into the music world, also this keeps me from locking on one idea,

and not leaving it for the whole session, it expands my focus and I have a larger number of choices that I can make later.


one way I learned from a friend in another studio is to look at people on the street and listen how their foot steps react with each other,

it will most likely be for rhythmical inspiration of course but it can give you fresh ideas for an original piece.

alternatively, he told me that he lives near a forest and there are beautiful sounds at night, so he used to record the sounds for 60 minutes on a mobile recorder,

and listen to the “ideas of nature” as he called it, when he was working on his piece and needed some new direction.


some ideas came from people that have nothing to do with music, they use meditation to open up their minds,

amazingly these meditations use music to lead our minds and effect us in a positive way, relaxation techniques such as these makes a great connection between music,

and our emotional state of mind.


listening to creations of other people are also a great way, new genres, new artists, new instruments we never heard before,

find out what made those pieces so wonderful, what elements catches your attention, what is the emotional connections those elements have and so on…


I heard of people going to the Gym to get their energies moving, and some other people who likes to pray, or yelling, or drinking alcohol and a lot of other ideas….


sometimes making music when you are not in the mood will be the only sparkle you need, all that matters is that inspiration is everywhere, if you don’t feel it now, you will feel it later.


Have Fun Making Music 🙂


  1. Warrior, I liked everything you said ’bout inspiration. You could’ve just said “keep an open mind”,but I liked the way you broke it down. There is more than one way for the heart of music to speak to us and as you said we just have to find our own way,because sometimes you can find more than one way!
    Thanks for putting it out there.

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