Emotional Connection – Scales

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Composing

hi everyone,

I am glad to get back to writing articles in my blog after this crazy week,

but the most important thing I learned in this week is :


and us, musicians, we Love Music, so lets keep music Original, Refreshing and Fun ūüôā


today we are going to take a look at the emotional connection of scales, and their effect.

I will write the simple, general way to see the emotions scales can evoke,

but more important, you have to understand that music is the art of balancing relations,

it means that if you tell all the instruments to play strong all the time, you won’t get a strong feeling, but a boring, unbalanced, may be chaotic one.

scales are a tool, their emotion are part of the big picture, and their effect depend on the context.


now that we understood that we can continue.

Major Scale – C D E F G A B C – Happiness, Grace, Formality.

Minor Scale – C D Eb F G Ab Bb C – Sadness, Anger, Suffering, Dreaminess.

Major & Minor Alternating РDepending on the context it can be Tenderness, or something Unearthly just Happened.

Unclear Scale – Tension.


this is the most basic knowledge you need to know about Scales Emotional Connection,

but you have to know that there many more scales you can use to improve your composition.

in some cultures in the old days, they had a scale for every occasion, for weddings, funerals, birthdays, and much more.

those people in the old days were right, Scales have an amazing emotional impact on the listeners, use them wisely,

choose the emotion you want to evoke and the right scale to evoke it, and the rest of the way will be a lot easier, and the connection with our emotions will be clearer.


I will write more scales here :  some oriental scales, mathematical scales, and other types as well.

Our purpose here is to explore so turn on your keys, electric guitars, take you flute and mandolin and play those scales to get the feeling of what emotional connection is all about.

Scales are a very powerful way to invite inspiration,  playing them is enough to bring new inspiration into your music.

play them, and listen to the emotional effect.


Arabian Scale : C Db E F G Ab B C

Oriental Scale : C Db E F Gb A Bb C

Hungarian Minor scale : C D Eb F# G Ab B C

Harmonic Minor Scale : C D Eb F G Ab B C

Melodic Minor Scale : C d Eb F G A B C

Romanian Scale : C D Eb F# G A Bb C

Japanese Scale : C Db F G Bb C

Pentatonic Scale : C D E G A C

Blues Scale : C Eb F F# G Bb C

Persian Scale : C Db E F Gb Ab B C

Enigmatic Scale : C Db E F# G# A# B C


there are also more “mathematical” scales that can be used and have their own special effect:

Whole Tone Scale : C D E F# G# A# C

Diminished Scale : C Db D# E F# G A Bb C


the Scale is a great tool to help you sculpt the atmosphere of your music.

  1. Dave Chick says:

    Fantastic post on scales. I’ll pass these on to my students. I teach them about the common modes derived from the major scale and I will let them know that there are virtually an infinite number of scales to use to create your music.

    Cool – added your blog to my reader. Looking forward to more!

    Cheers, D

  2. Mohammed Hamis Ahmed says:

    cool man keep it comin i really like it

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