Emotional Connection – Tempo (BPM)

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Composing

I will try to keep things short this time, you already know what the emotional connection series are talking about,

if you need a reminder, here it is :




let’s move on šŸ™‚

Tempo is the speed of your creation, it is caculated by BPM (Beats Per Minutes).

each style/genre of music theoretically have its own BPM and the BPM (Tempo) have a great effect on the atmosphere of the song/creation/music.

this is not a rule, but statistically most of the songs of the genres presented, stand in this range.

RnB – around 75 BPM +/- 15

Rap – around 90 BPMĀ +/- 10

HipHop – around 100 BPMĀ +/- 20

Trance – around 140 BPMĀ +/- 10

this is just a tiny part of the list, the full list is much much MUCH!… longer.

you don’t need to know the exact numbers, but you need to know the effect it has over the music and most important, on our listeners emotions.

Fast Tempo : happiness, excitement, fear, anger, rage, tension.

Slow tempo : sadness, dignity, dreaminess, heaviness,Ā sentimentality.

big changes in tempo : mostly fear or tension.

these are not rules, only guidelines.

I will repeat this sentence because people that think these are the rules, are making hard life for themselves, so I will repeat to make life easier.

these are not rules, only guidelines.

take this example :

it sounds pretty fast, there is tension, may be some anger,

now take this song, and in your mind, slow it down, and notice how the anger fade away, the tension is lowered, something have been changed, this is the mood and emotions that were effected by the tempo.

lets take another example from theĀ oppositeĀ direction :

do you feel the sadness, maybe dreaminess ?

now take a look at this :

don’t pay attention to the quality, the stretch effect that was used to make this version probably wasn’t that of a high quality.

listen… can you hear it ?

can you notice it have more tension now, maybe it became a little happier ?

if not more tension or happier…

it is sure not as easy as the version before.


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