There must be something a home studio can do…

Posted: January 6, 2011 in General

what is the way to make your home studio productions shine ?

of course this is only my way and I am sure a lot of you have your own ways to achieve good productions,

feel free to share those with us..

1. amazing samples – most of us are satisfied with good samples, it is just good enough for them to work with,

but they forget they work in a home studio,

in order for a home studio to have better results is to work with AMAZING SAMPLES!

why am I saying that ?

well first of all in a home studio it is most working on midi, not live instruments,

that means that your production have to sound better in the earlier stage in order to be better later.

studio engineers have a saying about mastering but it is good for this situation too :

you can take gold and make it shine, but you can’t take wood and make it gold.

2. midi sequencing tricks – today midi has evolved in a way that gives you opportunity to make your production sound smoother and more alive,

use that, learn about all the different midi controllers, the sustain pedals for pianos, the portamento control for the flutes and such instruments, the pitch band for a bass,and so on…

midi sequencing will make the AMAZING SAMPLES we chose earlier and make it even better, teasing our ears, and make us listeners eager for more.

there are some great books you can search for advice in this area, I will share some of them with you :

3. adding one live instrument – you don’t have to do that, but recording one live instrument will make your production smile like crazy for sure (depend on the player of the instrument of course).

recording a real instrument have a different color in terms of sound, feel, and timbre, and adding it to a midi project makes the other elements sit better in the mix, and sound a lot better than if all instruments were midi.

the funny thing here is that it can be any instruments, even the hihat a lone can make a big change.

now you want to know your genre before you make your decision on recording real instruments,

for example, in Hip Hop you may record one or two instruments and it can sound amazing with the rest,

but in Rock you may need to choose more live instruments to reach the top and if you don’t want to record more than two real instruments than at least choose the right instruments to record, which in Rock the classic choices are Guitars & Drums.

yeah yeah I know… it is a home studio where will you get drums… not to worry, there is a solution!

first you can use sample libraries that fits your style, you can choose from the thousands of packs out there, there are some AMAZING PACKS and some less amazing,

so listen when you have the time to make a good choice.

now another solution is to send your project to someone who can records those instruments and send the loops to you via mail or file hosting service,

in that way you can work with great artist out of you country, so you have a whole world of options 😉

4. mixing and mastering – mixing & mastering supposed to be done by professionals, don’t try to go crazy on effects and parameters yourself if you don’t know what you are doing,

Mixing & Mastering involved some mathematics and art that a professional engineer knows better than you and thus he/she will get better results, which you will like better.

fortunately there are some cheap but still good engineers that won’t kill your bank account, search google and you will find some of them easily.


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