Some thoughts about a mix…

Posted: January 4, 2011 in General, Mixing

it is always beautiful to see how different people approaching differently to start a mix,

although it is so different there are some concepts that repeat themselves over the years,

whether it is using certain tools to achieve a specific goal, or just preparing, and taking breaks for the ears to relax during the mixing process.

this is not a mixing tutorial, mixing tutorial will be here soon, for now this is just a way to be ready to mix and to know what to expect.

so when the mix start ?

in the recording and creation stage, NO I DIDN’T MISTYPED!

you have to choose sounds that will blend great together from the beginning before the mix has started yet, or at least record it in the right way to achieve a color that is blending good with the rest of the instruments.

now if you are using midi, it is easy, just switch sounds until the right sound ring a bell,

but if you are recording….

then… that’s more complicated, lets deal with that in another chapter next time.

so after we tried different sounds and colors, we have a nice sounding mix, may be even good or great one, now you have less work to do in the mixing stage,

if it sounds bad in the first place, fixing it in the mix is going to be a lot of trouble, and taking care of that will be very time consuming.

if you created the song, I would advise you to mix in another day, it will get better results for sure.

if you have to do it today, then take a long rest and let your ears relax and forget the sound, they got used to the mistakes and it is now sounds good to them, we have to reset them.

drink some tea, watch a nice movie, do some sport, do anything please!!!

you have to make your brain not focus on your earing sense when you begin mixing.

after the rest let your ears hear some quality stuff,

if it is hiphop, choose the best of hiphop from sound perspective,

if it is trance, take some great sounding trance and let your ears taste it,

same with every other genres,

don’t turn up the volume because that will fatigue your ears quickly than you think, don’t worry you will have enough time for using high volumes.

turn off the phone, TV, facebook, or anything that might distract you… the mix want your focus!

of course everyone have his own things he do before mixing, as long as it makes you more focused it is good.

with you in this calm condition, you can begin your mixing session,

we will talk about mixing later on in this blog, but for now I will give some general tips,

use reference if you don’t mix professionally yet, it can keep your ears on the right track for long hours sessions,

take a break every half an hour or one hour, or more ore less, depend on your skills and experience,

change the volume every now and then because this will change your perspective on the song and you will hear your mistakes better.

after finishing, go to sleep, relax, and come back to listen to what you got the next day, the same process like before but now you are just fixing little things,

go to sleep and do that for another day,

for the unexperienced, it is a great way to learn the right principles of mixing,

and achieve good results,

if you need more days, take the time, the goal here is to achieve professional results.

and the last one, and it is a rule,

mixing is not work!!

it is a way to have fun, if you have fun mixing, your mixes will sound fun and enjoyable.


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