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Emotional Connection – Intervals

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Composing

the emotional connection series as you already know touches the subject: the effect of music elements on our emotion.

our emotions can be directed be the composer, the great composers use it to achieve connection with the listeners and make them feel like something amazing just happened.

the good thing is that everyone can use it, I will try to keep this article as simple and as short as possible.

Interval – the distance between two notes.

be aware that the guidelines here are just for the element of intervals alone, and their effect in a piece are not absolute and will change according to the musical context.



I will refer to Volume/Velocity/Loudness as Loudness.

so as we saw in the last article :

how high or how low a note is, can have an effect on our emotions.


Emotional Connection – Note/Pitch

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Composing

hello again everyone,

I hope you had a great week, and that you want to explore new ground, today I am going to explore the connection of MUSIC to our EMOTIONS.

you have to understand that this part of music is extremely big and musicians still explore this magnificent connection of music to our emotions,

every little thing can make a big difference, Notes, Length, Velocity,Volume, Timbre Combinations, Tempo, Meter, and the list is too long to continue…

so of course I will try to cover as much as I can, but I can’t cover all of it.


as I promised in the last article,

here are the files of the project, 24bits 44.1khz stereo, so you can work on your skills and internalize the Basic/Beginners Mixing Concepts.

124MB in one RAR file.


I know your Mix already sounds better after that :

but some professionals won’t say a mix is done until it sounds good in mono too.

this is why…


you probably notice that your track sounds a lot better than before but still isn’t finished,

there are some instruments that don’t fit like every other instrument, some peaks on some drum samples are too high and noticeable and need to be pushed back into the mix,

may be you want to push back only the obvious peaks, or make the other drums peaks higher and more aggressive, it’s your artistic freedom and you can choose where you want to go with your mix.

of course you have to pay attention that it’s still sounds good.


ok here is a real nice part – Reverb.

reverb is a strongly psycho-acoustic related subject, and I advise you to read about reverb everywhere you can, until you find the explanation that suits you best.

on this tutorial I will just use reverb to move some parts to the background or giving it more space.