Theory, do we need it ?

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Composing, General

This is a hard question right here!!!

I am really a person with an open mind, which makes me believe that the answer is Yes……. and No…….. but not exactly….. (sorry for the confusion).

let me clear your mind a little bit for those who didn’t started learning yet or thinking about it.

lets take for the sake of the example, someone who don’t have any talent in music and didn’t listen for music and don’t don’t have at least the foundations right.
well this person is likely to be redeemed!!! but….. no so fast mister!!!
this may redeem him and at the same time will make him fixed on the rules of the theory, it could be bad sometimes because it will slow this guy down from
developing his own techniques to achieve certain style timbre and sound.

so as you can see from the above example, it can do some good and some bad,
GOOD : in this example it will make the process of learning music much faster (much much faster!!), and to have a great foundation,
BAD : on the other side it can make his mind fixed on certain thinkings and techniques that it will make him sound like everyone,
and it could prevent him from developing his own style… (poor guy).

another example could be :
a guy that have some idea about music even lets go further and this guy already got his own style and timbre.
well I guess you can already see the good and bad things.
Good : it could add colors to his arsenal, it could open his mind a little bit for new ideas.
Bad : it can and actually most of the time will change his view about music, make the creation a little bit less fun to make it because there are rules now,
and it could destroy some of the style achieved with time… (sounds cad doesn’t it ?)

when I was working with my pupils about theory, I always felt a little sad because I knew how it will look like eventually,
so I had to prevent it, by always reminding them that :

Theory is not a book of rules!!!
it is a book of discoveries!!!

that means everyone can write a book about what he discover!!
even if it is a little thing you discovered.

always try to remember that the rules in a theory book will not replace your experience, it should add another dimension to it.

create music with fun and enjoyment, for me this is the only rule,
music is not a science, it is an art!

have a wonderful day 🙂


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