Calculating Mic – Preamp specifications

Posted: December 26, 2010 in General

great new week started today and I think it is a good time to post this article also,
a lot of people are getting very concerned about choosing the right microphone and the preamp that goes with it,
I must say first of all that nothing is better than trying and hearing the differences between different couples,
and this brings up another problem, there are so many types of Mics & Pres that it is impossible to check so many,
well there are couple of different ways to check more Mics & Pres without running half of your lifetime 😉

1. there are comparisons of Mics & Pres all over youtube, and demonstrations.

2. you can ask trusted professionals about recommendations.

3. the third way, which will reduce your Mics & Pres options to the most appropriate ones is this article :

in this article you will find the scientific way for reducing your options to the most efficient couples of Mics & Pres.

although this article is quite advanced, it covers some ground of Mics & Pres information that you can use to choose the right couple.
I would advise looking at other articles to gather some more information before making your judgment,
just to be sure you are on the professional track to play with the big boys of recording studios.

more articles that can help :

before I finish this article I must say :
sometime the cheaper microphone is better for a specific job (or voice) than an expensive microphone!!!
yes!! yes!! yes!!
what you read just now is true, so true that I should say it again,
sometime the cheaper microphone is better for a specific job (or voice) than an expensive microphone!!!

so like I said if you want to make the right choice, try it out, give you choice a try and hear the difference yourself,
after hearing the result you will have much more information to make the right choice.

if you have questions or need some advice you can contact me in the contact me page :
enjoy your Mics & Pres journey.


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