REALLY Listening to Music and The Effect on Our Mind

Posted: December 22, 2010 in General

For A long time now that I see people listening to music the “usual” way,

and I feel that they miss so much in this kind of listening, instead of the listening I going to share with you right away,

my pupils already know about this way of listening and using it in their own music creation process also,

which automatically add another dimension to their music enjoyment and their judgment of music.

the usual way : getting into your room, put your favorite CD in your CD player push the full volume button and sitting in front of the TV or Computer or whatever.

the other way : change to more comfortable clothes, feel that the temperature is nice (air condition can help sometimes), make sure you are not too thirsty or hungry,

put your favorite CD in the CD player and adjust the volume to a level that you can hear and feel the music is wrapping you but not too loud (comfortable volume),

lie on your bed in a way that you feel comfortable and relaxing, close your eyes, and let the music make you dream, let the music take you to places that it evoke in your mind,

when you are finished, don’t make fast movements, let the good taste stay there as much as it can, like after a good dinner 😉

this may used as a therapy too, to make your body relaxed and calm.

now, I am not saying that you have to listen that way, but this way the music will come alive more then usual, because your eyes are closed your earing sense become more sensitive.

actually, I found that certain music makes our minds fly further away into the dreams that other music,

hans zimmers music for instance is great for this kind of therapy, makes the dreams feel like a movie.

oliver shantis music is also a great music to try, makes the atmosphere more exotic and sacred.

music like trance make me dream like I am running from something most of the time.

but as I said, any music can do, so choosing your favorite music will be just as good,

enjoy this fresh experience and you are welcome to tell me about it and how did you feel 😉

here is some examples from oliver shanti and hans zimmer :

  1. maria says:

    this subject is very interesting,
    I must say that I tried what you suggest and it is a relaxing experience I would advise others to try.

    Keep on writing and I will be happy to read.

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