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Theory, do we need it ?

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Composing, General

This is a hard question right here!!!

I am really a person with an open mind, which makes me believe that the answer is Yes……. and No…….. but not exactly….. (sorry for the confusion).

let me clear your mind a little bit for those who didn’t started learning yet or thinking about it.

lets take for the sake of the example, someone who don’t have any talent in music and didn’t listen for music and don’t don’t have at least the foundations right.
well this person is likely to be redeemed!!! but….. no so fast mister!!!
this may redeem him and at the same time will make him fixed on the rules of the theory, it could be bad sometimes because it will slow this guy down from
developing his own techniques to achieve certain style timbre and sound.


great new week started today and I think it is a good time to post this article also,
a lot of people are getting very concerned about choosing the right microphone and the preamp that goes with it,
I must say first of all that nothing is better than trying and hearing the differences between different couples,
and this brings up another problem, there are so many types of Mics & Pres that it is impossible to check so many,
well there are couple of different ways to check more Mics & Pres without running half of your lifetime 😉


For A long time now that I see people listening to music the “usual” way,

and I feel that they miss so much in this kind of listening, instead of the listening I going to share with you right away,

my pupils already know about this way of listening and using it in their own music creation process also,

which automatically add another dimension to their music enjoyment and their judgment of music.


My first post :)

Posted: December 21, 2010 in General

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my blog,


first of all let me say that everyone is invited, and you can feel free to share your experience and knowledge.

although this is a music related blog, everyone today has something to do with music, as a creator, or as a listener.


I think musicians, listeners and all people of all ages would find that blog inspiring for them as it is inspiring for me to write it,

and I hope that my perspective about music will make good things happen.


so are you ready for some great stories, articles, videos and a lot more… ?!

well there is so much to tell, so of course I won’t be pouring it all in this post 😉